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Under My Skin: A Kid's Guide to Atopic Dermatitis

Under My Skin: A Kid's Guide To Atopic Dermatitis - Karen Crowe Available in .PDF format for free at www.undermyskin.com.

This is a great book for children with eczema. It discusses how eczema affects you in different ways - physically and emotionally - and common triggers and things you can do to control flare ups.

I downloaded it one day while searching for books written for children with eczema. I showed it to my daughter, thinking that she would look at it once or twice and that would be it. I was completely wrong! She adores this book and asks for me to read it with her regularly. Her favorite part is the chapter about eczema and feelings you may have. She's mentioned that it makes her feel better to know that others feel the way that she does and that she's not alone or weird for feeling the way that she does sometimes.

Odds are, if you have a child with eczema, you know all of the information in the chapters about common triggers and healing/controlling eczema. However, ss with the rest of the book, those sections are written for children, and they help reinforce the daily skin care routines and information on eczema you've been sharing with your child.