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Draining the Sea

Draining the Sea - Micheline Aharonian Marcom I really, really wanted to like this book. The message is an important one. But....

This is the first sentence of the book: "THIS IS A FICTION: a man; a man collects corpses, proceeds on the streets of this city, the city an amass of street, of canine corpses he collects, loads them into his motorcar, and the bleeding snout, crushed full canines, the black and blow flies in the anus the snout the genitals; these black corpses, these half-breeds, and not worth a dollar, he thinks; he thinks that if he could kill them all he would do it."

If this sentence annoys you, don't pick up the book. This is how the entire novel is written. It's stream of consciousness gone horribly wrong. On top of the style, the story's form is also somewhat irritating. It's exceptionally repetitive and muddled. The historical facts and documentation thrown in help convey the atrocities that are at the heart of the story, but the style and repetitiveness were so distracting that I had a very difficult time finishing this book.