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Eye Contact - Cammie McGovern I found myself extremely enthralled with this book, while at the same time being slightly distracted by the way the story (or perhaps the better word would be stories) unfolds.

The story of Cara and Adam's relationship and that of Adam and the world around him is very powerful. The first half feels like that's what the novel is about, with the murder of a little girl thrown in to bring other characters into their lives. The second half of the novel (and it does feel like a distinct, separate part of the story...much like you notice the change between gears when someone is first learning to drive with a clutch) is a hurry to wrap up who really was the murderer and why they did it.

Despite the not-quite successful melding of the two stories, I still gave it 4 stars. I wanted to find out what really happened, how much Adam really did or did not see, how the bizarre relationships between Cara and Suzanne & Cara and Kevin would turn out. And despite some of the awkward transitions, I enjoyed reading the book.